Database Tables

Tables are the basic structures within databases that are used to store data. Each database table consists of rows and columns. Each column in the database table contains similarly grouped information while each row in the database table contains associated data.

To illustrate the concept of the database table consider the sample table design and data below:

customer table

henry john 03/05/1960
smith adam 06/08/1974
johnson mary 04/01/1955
bailey harry 05/05/1980
morgan alex 09/09/1975

The sample table contains 5 rows of data. Each row contains 3 columns. As the number of customers grow, more rows are added into the customer table - 1 row for each customer.

Each row contains the data associated with a single customer. For example, the first row in the sample database table contains 3 pieces of information - the last name, the first name and the date of birth - associated with a customer named John Henry.

Each column in the database contain similar information although the belong to different customers. For example, the first column in the sample database table contains only last name information for all five customers.